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The Grand Canyon (South Rim)

Bump photo, 7 months!

The Grand Canyon– South Rim
We’ve only been to the South Rim, mainly because it’s the easiest to get to from Phoenix/Flag. The Visitor Center is located at Mather Point, and there are wonderful paved paths along the rim with several lookout points, but too many people. I enjoy the roadside stops along Route 64/ Desert View Dr (between the East Entrance and South Entrance Rd) a lot more, and there are still paved pathways along a lot of it! Near the East Entrance, you can stop and climb to the top of the Desert View Watch Tower for more great views! This has been a little less busy than Mather Point when I’ve gone, but there are still quite a few people.
However, my favorite place to go while I’m visiting is Shoshone Point. It’s a very easy, flat trail (out and back, 2 miles total) with pavilions and bathrooms at the end. you can walk out past the picnic tables to the point for some amazing views! And bonus: I’ve only seen a max of 5 other people here, and I’ve done it 4 times!
Difficulty Level: Easy (in fact, my 75 year old mom did it.)