The Corn Islands

Little Corn Island

Big Corn vs. Little Corn

Like almost everyone else, we were headed straight to the more touristic Little Corn. We went straight from the airport to the dock, so I can’t offer much personal advice on Big Corn. Here is a blog with more info.

Big Corn
Both (2) of the daily flights arrive at Big Corn Island, and here you’ll find paved roads, 24h electricity, and a couple of ATMs. This is the more “luxurious” of the two islands, as there are more hotel options, international cuisines, and you can even get around by golf cart!

A hazy day from the lookout tower

Little Corn
If you can brave the panga ride over, I highly recommend visiting Little Corn Island for at least a couple of days. You won’t have 24/7 electricity (it comes on in the afternoons, and turns off around 6/7am) or fancy accommodations, but you will be able to eat at some great hole-in-the-wall restaurants and explore the entire island by foot! There’s a path around the island with several beaches to visit and I promise, you won’t get lost. Make sure you get money from the ATM on Big Corn (or bring enough cash) as Little Corn does not yet have an ATM.

On the path around Little Corn

Getting there: Like everyone, we flew into Big Corn and made our way (we splurged the $1 for a taxi because it was cheap and we had all of our luggage) to the dock. We waited in line and they took our bags and told us where to sit in the boat. The ride was very choppy, and lasted about 20 minutes. For reference, Adam was sitting up against one of the tie ropes for the boat and he was thrown around so much that his back had a black-and-blue welt for a week… and one of the operators was holding a seasick passenger by the back of their shirt, over the back of the boat while they were vomiting.
We stayed at the Sunrise Hotel, and it was a great location (in my opinion)- far enough away from the main beach/dock and restaurants that it was quiet, but only a quick 3 minute walk away! Since our visit in December of 2015, there are more hotels and dining options available so just do a bit of research before heading over.

Here’s another great blog with a ton more information on accommodations, activities, and the culture of the islands.