Family photo: Adam, myself, Camila, and our dog Quincy
Adam, myself, Camila, and our dog, Quincy

Hi, I’m Jen! I’m from Wisconsin, but have spent the last 10 years (minus our stint abroad) living in St. Paul, Minnesota. My husband, Adam, and I enjoy budget adventure travel and are especially fond of LATAM! When we first began dating and traveling together in 2012, our goal was one “big” 2-3 week trip each winter. Of course, that has now spiraled into a few international trips each year.

We sold our house in the spring of 2019, bought a small, 18ft travel trailer for myself, Adam, our dog (who has since passed), and our 2 cats in August 2019… and then found out that I was pregnant in September! It was quite the surprise, so we made a few modifications to the camper to allow room for a crib, and spent almost 2 years driving to see friends and family around the U.S.. Then we found a good deal on a cabin in northern Wisconsin, bought it, and have since made it our spring-summer-fall residence, while traveling each winter!

Our original plan was to sell all of our belongings, quit our jobs, and do a ‘Round-the-World trip for 18-24 months, starting in the U.S.. We decided it was probably better to put our trip on hold until the baby was born (May 2020), and we would leave after we got her passport. Due to COVID, we weren’t comfortable taking our first international trip with her until November of 2021. At least she’s finally getting a few stamps in her passport book now!


Budget + Adventure

gravity mountain biking on death road in bolivia
Gravity Mountain Biking, Death Road, Bolivia

We’re notorious for being budget adventure travelers- we like to occasionally splurge on activities and unique experiences! This means unique stays, like a treehouse overlooking Antigua, Guatemala, a sailboat stay in San Blas, Panama, or a camping pod in north eastern Iceland. We like the intimacy of smaller accommodations, where we usually chat with locals and get recommendations for the area!

You’ll always find us outside… usually hiking a volcano, finding a waterfall to swim in, or enjoying unique excursions (like hiking Rainbow Mountain in Peru, snorkeling with penguins and sharks in the Galapagos, or gravity-led mountain biking down Death Road).

What to Expect

A No-Frills Travel Journal

volcano boarding near Leon, Nicaragua
Volcano Boarding, Nicaragua

Before I take trips, I usually do a lot of research looking for cool things to do while I’m there… and most of the blogs I stumble across are very lengthy, with stories that hardly relate to the post! (You know, like those recipes that start out with how the author’s great-aunt used to make said recipe for her neighbor’s brother’s dog, who ended up as the mayor of a town).

This isn’t that.

My goal is to be clear and concise. I want to provide you with detailed information and recommendations for the places I’ve been!

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